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Medical Financial :: LDS addiction recovery video: Jessica’s story about food addiction

In the fifth video of "12 Steps to Change," a 12-video series produced by the Mormon Channel and LDS Family Services, a woman named Jessica shares her struggle with food addiction and the important role confession played in her recovery.

Jessica is one of 12 individuals featured in the series who discuss their addictions and the hope they found through the LDS Addiction Recovery Program.

In the video, Jessica explains that poor life choices ruined her relationships with family members, and her food addiction was taking a toll on her body. When Jessica applied the fifth step of recovery — confession — she found relief.

"I found out about how to have a relationship with the Savior," Jessica said in the video. "With him on my side and him helping me, that's what gave me the courage to keep going and keep changing because I knew that he would be there, and I already knew that he and Heavenly Father loved me, so that gave me the courage to keep going and to not quit.

The Mormon Channel promoted the video Saturday and will promote another video from the series each day during the first two weeks in September, which is National Recovery Month. Each video focuses on one step of the LDS Addiction Recovery Program.

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