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10 Tips That Help Relieve Anxiety

Anxiety may not seem like a big deal, but the truth is, no one can cure it overnight. It's a condition that requires small, gradual lifestyle changes that may take some time before they can work their magic. Whether you are someone who experiences it only occasionally or someone who has been clinically diagnosed, anxiety is something that requires immediate treatment.

Every day you spend with anxiety is another day you spend depriving yourself of happiness and peace. Here are some tips that will help to relieve the symptoms of anxiety.

1: Avoid Being Idle

The moment you wake up in the morning, start planning out the things you need to do for the day. Being idle won't do you any good when you're aiming to relieve your anxiety, especially since your worries won't be going away if you're simply going to sit it out. Simple tasks such as gardening and doing the laundry can help keep your mind away from negative thoughts for a while.

2: Create a Diversion

Anxiety tortures your thoughts if you won't do anything about it. A great way is to start doing positive actions that will make you feel good about yourself. You can try volunteering at a local charity or lending a hand to whoever needs help. Helping others helps you heal by allowing you to take action and responsibility.

3: Confront your Fears

Confronting your fears is better than not taking any action at all. If you're scared of the upcoming midterm exams, acknowledge that fear and take action by joining study groups or helping a friend with homework. If you're afraid that you may gain too much weight, confront that fear by exercising regularly. Running away from fears actually worsens it, and confronting it is the best way to overcome it.

4: Exercise Regularly

Due to your busy lifestyle, you may already be forgetting how important exercise is for your mental health. Exercise helps in promoting blood flow and improving the regulation and production of neurotransmitters. While exercise isn't guaranteed to cure anxiety, it can help in calming anxiety symptoms.

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5: Have Faith

Losing faith is a common thing that happens to people with anxiety. This is because their perception of the world becomes biased towards the negative, believing things won't get better. Prayer, and even meditation, can help you have the faith to believe that things will get better soon.

6: Keep a Gratitude Journal

Writing can be a great outlet for people with anxiety. In addition to writing about your worries, you can also write about the things you are thankful for every day. Writing down your thoughts can be a form of mental release, a way for you to not let yourself wallow in your thoughts too much.

7: Limit Time Spent with Anxiety Triggers

If watching news about crime and disasters makes you anxious, the best way is to limit spending too much time watching television. If alcohol makes your heart palpitate, learn when to stop drinking. Certain things trigger your anxiety, and the best way to relieve anxiety symptoms is to stay away from anything that triggers it.

8: Pay Attention to your Body

When you suddenly feel anxious and tense around your neck or abdomen, try bringing your attention towards these body parts. Whenever you start having worrying thoughts, bring your attention back to the areas of your body that are experiencing physical symptoms. Breathe slowly and steadily for at least five to ten minutes.

9: Take Responsibility for your Thoughts

You have two choices: give in or live with it. Chances are, giving in to anxiety may also affect the people around you, and this may lead to you becoming a burden. Convince yourself to take responsibility for your thoughts, and will yourself to make your life a better place to live in.

10: Lastly - Talk to Someone

Not everyone can conquer battles alone, and that is okay. Spending time with family and friends, talking about how you are is actually a great way to build a support system.

This way, you can have the relieving feeling that you are not alone and someone is always there to listen when you need to let out your worries.

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