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The Practice Of Meditation

In the modern world we live in the hustle and bustle is in our office, house, street, city and more generally, lives. Also, all of mentioned is the reflection of our state of mind. Disturbing and repetitive thoughts become confused wanderers through the past and future. We have a sense that we lose something and we never have enough time. In other words, we lose the beauty and potential of the present moment. Even when we take a part in some leisure activity, we usually do it half-heartedly. We feel so tired.

But, guided meditation will bring us to our intrinsic nature and wholeness of our being.

1. Choose to Simply Be

First steps are not easy in whatever we choose to do. Here, we choose to BE. Thats a total shift in our story and life perception. Some types of meditation, whether it may be sitting or walking, wont suit us at some points of time. We dont have to restrict ourselves to only one or two types of meditation. We can turn our daily life into different meditations. Our unique touch to the meditations as we are all different individuals, too.

2. Let Your Mind Be Your Companion

When we start to meditate, the rambling thoughts will appear at some point. Probably, we have never asked ourselves where the thoughts come from. We may find ourselves in the constant battle with our thoughts. Sometimes, we may try to avoid them together with all accompanying and painful feelings. But, most of the times, we are not aware that we are swirling around with them in their whirlpool of repetition. This whirlpool of thoughts is an illusion. It is attached to the past and future that give us the distorted memories and realities.

As we choose to meditate, we also choose to live our lives consciously. All the thoughts, feelings, images and sensations that come to us, we embrace them as they are. They are all visitors to our mind. We say hello and goodbye to them respectfully. We let them come and go.

3. Be Aware of the Connection Between The Body and Mind

When we keep practicing meditation for a while, we can easily notice the changes and connection between our body and mind. At the beginning of practice, if some strong emotions such as anger or fear pops up in our mind, it is beneficial to us to be aware of how our whole body and its parts react in that moment. In this way, we can gain some profound insights which will show us the path for leading more harmonious life and maintaining our well-being. If we feel uncomfortable at any moment, then we can simply shift the focus on our conscious breathing.

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How To Identify Outstanding Brain Injury Compensation Lawyers

There are many brain injury compensation lawyers and they aren't the same. It can be difficult to tell when you come across a worthwhile lawyer unless you know what you are looking for. Here are several signs that a candidate is worth you taking a second look.


One problem that many people have with lawyers is the fact that they are usually associated with being sneaky and unscrupulous. This is terrible considering many lawyers are decent, honest people who actually want to help people get the best possible representation.

When it comes to things like payment schedules and what an attorney expects from you, it is important that a great candidate is very forthcoming. You do not want to walk into the situation believing you owe one amount and the outcome is vastly different. Having transparency shows you that the person you are dealing with is one that can be trusted to look out for you and not just the bottom line.

Willingness To Go To Trial

Brain injury cases are usually very complicated and require long hours of research and preparation for trial. Some lawyers try to avoid all of this by urging clients to settle out of court. This is sometimes a mistake since heading into the courtroom can be more financially beneficial in some cases. If you come across a lawyer that tells you right away that they are ready for the big fight, you know that you certainly have a keeper.

Solid Experience

Every area of law is not the same, so hiring representation that knows nothing about this type would be a huge error. It is essential that you get brain injury compensation lawyers that have successfully handled this type of case in the past. Ideally, any candidate you are considering should have dealt with at least 100 cases like this and had success more than 75-85% of the time.

Great Communication

There is nothing worse than trying to call your lawyer's office and you are constantly sent to voicemail. While this is acceptable to a degree since they may be busy in court, it is never ideal when they are not willing to respond to you in a timely manner. If all of your calls are answered promptly, this is surely a good sign.

The demeanor your lawyer has means a great deal as well. If they seem rushed and bothered when you are meeting with them, you should find someone else to represent you. A great lawyer will be very personable, attentive and eager to help you get the compensation that you deserve for having to deal with a brain injury.

All lawyers are not bad, so do not allow any misinformation to lead you to believe otherwise. There are great lawyers out there that are ready, willing and able to help you with your brain injury case; all you have to do is find them. If you notice all of the following when dealing with a lawyer, you have definitely made a wonderful choice.

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